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I'm Cathy. This blog is an appreciation for the multi-talented, Chris Brown and the irresitable boy band, One Direction.


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Why do I continuously gain followers each day? Like I’m gaining 10+ a week. I don’t even update anymore, I just scroll through my dash.

→ Anonymous whispered : i don't think you get it. it started on a stereotype. just because Trayvon was black, wearing a hoodie and in a predominately white neighborhood, to Zimmerman's eyes he was automatically up to no good. Don't say there's no racism because there is. And I'm not even talking about the verdict...

Okay, sweetie. If I were to see anyone dressed with a black hoodie, (or any color hooodie for that matter) and having their hood up, I’d think something was up either way. It isn’t because he is black, people decide to put the blame on race, when Zimmerman openly admitted that it WASN’T!

So, all in all, the direct relation with the trial (and the people directly apart of it!!!) Race was not an issue. Society, including yourself allowed it to become about race.

African - Americans have a dendency of getting bent-out-of-shape quickly whenever a person of another race; commit a crude at onto a person who is black. Automatically, much of the black community has a reaction of “oh my gosh! RACISM! RACISM! They did it cause they’re racist!” 

Yes, there are many people in the world who are racisit, which is not okay, at all. It’s sad and pathetic. But people need to realize, just because a crime is committed onto a person of different race, whether they’re black, white, Hispanic, orange, or yellow does not automatically mean it is racism. 

→ Anonymous whispered : Yes. There is racism in this situation. All of this started because of a freaking stereotype.

In general; there isn’t racism in it, but in many ignorant people’s eyes there is. Which is pathetic.

rhythm-andstreets whispered : yeah but would you kill them?

I would not have gone about it the way Zimmerman did, but if some punk ass kids wants to act all tough, he’s going to get what happens. He should not have died! But, Martian should have left the scene like he was instructed. If he did that, none of this would have happened. 

→ Anonymous whispered : We used to talk. We were even friends on facebook but we don't talk anymore, I know a lot of stuff about you, I even have your phone number. And I don't know why but I feel like I miss you a lot.

I remember you! Text me anytime!!!!